Taipan Trading - Wholesale Home Decor


Tai Pan Trading is an importer of quality home décor products at affordable prices. Because of these great values, we are a huge favorite of designers, interior decorators, and just about anyone seeking to beautify their home and surroundings.

Tai Pan Trading emerged in 1979 as a wholesale floral supplier. It began as a small operation, existing in a very cramped space, with only two cash registers and very few parking stalls. But even with all of the inconveniences, it still became many designers’ favorite place to shop for home décor. As the business grew, a decision was made to expand the showroom and offer their great products and pricing directly to the public.

In 2005 Tai Pan opened their first public store in Sandy, Utah. With two giant showrooms, each more than 100,000 square feet of space, the store is filled with displays, design ideas, and inventory for every room in your home. In November 2006, another 100,000 square foot store opened in Clearfield, Utah. The following year, in November 2007, they opened a store in St. George, Utah. In October 2008 Tai Pan then opened their first out-of-state store in Rancho Cucamonga, California. A year later Tai Pan opened a fifth store in Orem, Utah at the University Mall, followed by their 6th store a year after that in Costa Mesa California. Their most recent location opened in Boise, Idaho. 

Tai Pan provides a destination shopping experience. It is a place to come for inspiration and design ideas for your home year round. Families and friends gather, and come from every state across the country to enjoy this adventure together. Many customers spend hours browsing through the thousands of items displayed in vignettes designed to create inspiration and ideas to make your home warm, comforting and inviting.

Tai Pan Trading provides great value, a myriad of choices, inspiring ideas, help from expert designers, attentive service, and an overall exciting and fun shopping experience. Come in and see for yourself!